Gaming Layer: Game & Blockchain Gap Filler

ERAGON's gaming layer represents the cutting edge of technology, bridging the gap between traditional gaming experiences and the transformative potential of blockchain technology. Through state-of-the-art innovations, ERAGON addresses key challenges for developers in integrating blockchain into their games. Scalability is achieved through extreme throughput scalability, ensuring seamless gameplay experiences even during peak demand. Specific game logic support enables developers to implement complex calculations and data mechanisms tailored to mid-core or hardcore games, enhancing gameplay depth and immersion. Permission features empower developers to manage sharing access effectively, maintaining control over sensitive game assets and data. Additionally, the VAR (Vigilance Against Rulebreaking) mechanics provide a decentralized module for cheating detection, ensuring fair and secure gameplay environments. ERAGON's gaming layer sets a new standard for innovation, empowering developers to create immersive blockchain-powered games with unparalleled scalability, functionality, and security.

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