C. Team & Backers

A Fusion of Gaming Mastery and Crypto Innovation

Advisors Illuminating the Path

Meet Eragon's visionary trio: Long Vuong, CEO at Solscan Pte. Ltd.; Joseph Young, Co-founder at Decentralized Gaming Ventures; and Trang Duong, Head of Sales at CloudAce. Their combined expertise spans technological innovation, early crypto mining, and global business development, propelling Eragon to new heights in Web3, metaverse, dao tools, and GameFi.

Backed by Titans

ERAGON finds unwavering support in Aptos Foundation, Sotatek, VNEXT, and TomoChain's mastery to offer comprehensive blockchain solutions, propelling Eragon to the forefront of the mass adoption revolution.

Exceptional Team

ERAGON team comprises many seasoned members with gaming and crypto experience. The team members have worked in the web2 and web3 industries for over 17 years and know what factors make the web3 gaming products, games & DApps appealing to all users. With strong experiences outsourcing for 500+ worldwide projects, developing & distributing games in web3 with so many common obstacles, and challenges, they have found great opportunities with Eragon and its innovative solutions for web3 gaming ecosystem.

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