Development Kit

At ERAGON, we are redefining the future of Web3 gaming with groundbreaking features that empower developers and gamers like never before. Our Development Kit, known as the ERAGON SDK, stands at the forefront of our vision, offering a comprehensive set of capabilities that are as fulfilling as they are revolutionary:

  • Cost nothing for integration: Our Development Kit is available at no cost, ensuring that the power of Web3 gaming is accessible to all. Say goodbye to upfront fees and embrace a world of possibilities.

  • Low code, Fast integration: Our SDK is engineered for simplicity, allowing for rapid integration into your projects. With low-code solutions, you can unleash your creativity without the burden of complex technical hurdles.

  • Assets creation & management: ERAGON empowers developers with comprehensive asset creation and management tools. Craft immersive gaming experiences with ease, managing your in-game assets effortlessly.

  • No cut in-game fees from developers: We believe developers should enjoy the fruits of their labor. ERAGON does not impose in-game fees, ensuring you retain your hard work and creativity rewards.

  • Multi-chain & Cross-chain: Seamlessly integrate various blockchain technologies into your games, expanding your horizons and reaching a broader audience.

  • Mass adoption design for developers and gamers: ERAGON is designed for mass adoption, offering a user-friendly experience for both developers and gamers. We're not just building a platform but fostering a vibrant community.

  • On-chain and off-chain synchronization (tokens/in-game currency and NFT marketplace/in-game shop): Whether managing tokens and in-game currency or navigating the NFT marketplace and in-game shop, we've got you covered.

  • Appstore & CHPlay store compliance for crypto & NFT: ERAGON fully complies with App Store and Google Play Store policies for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Navigate the regulatory landscape confidently, knowing that your games meet industry standards.

  • Associate Game account with ERAGON account: creating a unified and streamlined player experience. Convenience and accessibility are at the forefront of our design.

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